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water - The Last Straw

No. 62, Winter 2014

Making Better Buildings (Book Review)

Reviewed by Jeff Ruppert Making Better Buildings: A Comparative Guide to Sustainable Construction for Homeowners and Contractors by Chris Magwood will be released this Spring and promises to be one of the most valuable tools for the designer and builder who wants to understand how their choices of systems rank in terms of…
Jeff Ruppert
February 8, 2014
Online Articles

Window Sill Details

This is a bonus post showing a couple examples of window sills on bale walls.  Both examples incorporate a drip kerf for shedding water away from the wall.  The first example below is on a Nebraska-Style structure in Colorado and the second example is in Siberia from our 2005 trip.…
The Last Straw
September 5, 2013
No. 57, March 2007

Finishing Bale Walls with Siding

A little known fact in the bale building realm is that a handful of people scattered across different continents have experimented with the idea of finishing their bale walls with wood or some type of manufactured siding. The technical term for siding over a bale wall assembly is a “rain…
Jeff Ruppert
August 29, 2013

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