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plaster - The Last Straw

No. 63, Spring 2014

Tadelakt Lime Finishes

With the modern development of natural building technologies, there has been a resurgence and rediscovery of ancient and traditional methods of plasterwork.  For over 10,000 years, in nearly every culture, humans have used lime as an applied material that serves as both function and decoration.  From the frescoes of the…
Ryan Chivers
March 7, 2014
No. 62, Winter 2014

Selecting A Natural Hydraulic Lime

Thanks to the hard work of a few, Natural Hydraulic Lime has become one of the materials of choice for restoration/preservation projects and natural building construction in the United States. Suddenly realizing the great potential of NHLs in the US, and feeling the economic hardship abroad, several European manufacturers have…
Michel Couvreux
October 18, 2013
No. 57, March 2007

Finishing Bale Walls with Siding

A little known fact in the bale building realm is that a handful of people scattered across different continents have experimented with the idea of finishing their bale walls with wood or some type of manufactured siding. The technical term for siding over a bale wall assembly is a “rain…
Jeff Ruppert
August 29, 2013
Online Articles

Lime Mortars DVD Review

This article is original content and has not yet appeared in the printed version of The Last Straw. St. Astier Natural Limes, a producer of hydraulic lime products from France, is offering a set of DVD videos called The Master Stroke DVD Tutorial Series.  The Master Stroke is a 4-disc…
The Last Straw
July 23, 2013

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