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construction - The Last Straw

No. 62, Winter 2014

Healthy Living, Healthy Building

Twelve years ago I had never even heard of building with straw.  I lived in a four-bedroom colonial house in a subdivision in Maryland.  The conventional American Dream – good job, big house, nice cars, the monthly lawn service, the health club membership, 24/7 access to shopping … Then on…
Elaine Brett
January 11, 2014
No. 62, Winter 2014

The Straw Bale Alternative Solutions Resource by ASRI

The Straw Bale Alternative Solutions Resource is a document prepared by the Alternative Solutions Resource Institute (ASRI) addressing, obviously, bale construction.  While the goal of ASRI is to "foster and facilitate the use of natural materials and systems in the construction of buildings..." this document is meant to focus specifically…
The Last Straw
September 20, 2013

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