Whether you’re a straw-bale newcomer or a seasoned pro, being able to find the right resources is important to successful projects.

The listings in this section of our web site come from our supporters and impartial sources that are widely used in the natural building world.  This isn’t to say that the information here is the end of the road in terms of research, so if you know of something — or someone — that should be listed and isn’t, or if you see something outdated that we haven’t caught yet, or have any other comments or suggestions, please let us know.

As you do your research, remember that there are as many opinions about how to build as there are builders in the world. The resources listed here should be used with a heavy dose of your own discretion, intuition, common sense and deeper inquiry!

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Bonus Articles
These are some good articles that for one reason or another haven’t appeared in print. Why let ’em go to waste? Here you go.

Strawbale Registry
We strongly urge everyone to support this user-defined database of straw-bale buildings, co-hosted by The Last Straw and the great folks at Sustainable Sources.

The Strawbale Resurgence
A history of the beginnings of the current strawbale resurgence and its personalities as told through a few articles and photos from various sources. Read about pioneers Judy Knox and Matts Myrhman, Nina and Steve MacDonald, David Bainbridge, Athena and Bill Steen, and David Eisenberg.

A pilgrimage into the beating heart of the straw-bale construction revival. A work-in-progress by founders and publishers emeritus of The Last Straw, Judy Knox and Matts Myhrman.