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BEYOND THE BALE: A deep dive into the growing world of prefabricated straw building.

Straw Panel Manufacturers Around the World

The Last Straw | Uncategorized | No Comments
In TLS No. 75, we gathered all we could on the who's making what kind of straw panel globally. Since publishing this info, we've found a few other manufacturers. Let us know if we've missed anyone else and we'll put them up here! Hiberna Modular (New Zealand)
A CAD drawing of straw panels

Panel Fever

Tyler Westerman | Lore, No. 75, Prefabricated Panels, Straw, Walls | No Comments
Straw-SIPs appear on the cusp of a breakthrough. Has their time finally arrived? An Opening The U.S. building industry is beset with crisis: how to reduce both the operational and embodied carbon of buildings while constructing homes faster than ever to mitigate a severe housing shortage with a critically diminished…

The Opportunity in Crisis: An Interview with Ace McArleton

Ace McArleton and The Last Straw | Bales, Lore, No. 75, Prefabricated Panels, Products, Straw, Technical, Winter 2024 | No Comments
New Frameworks is a design/build firm in Essex Junction, Vermont, and one of two extant straw panel producers in the United States. Tyler Westerman spoke with Co-CEO and Director of Vision & Strategy, Ace McArleton, to learn about their move from bales to panels. The scope of their conversation soon…

A Look Inside The Community Rebuilds Model

Kenny Fallon Jr. | Community, Lore, No. 74, Spring 2023, Straw, Straw Bale Construction, Technical | No Comments
An in-depth look at the structures that have made Community Rebuilds such a successful design/build education program.

In The Weeds with Emily Niehaus

The Last Straw | Interviews, Lore, No. 74, Straw, Straw Bale Construction | No Comments
We sat down with Emily Niehaus, the founder of Community Rebuilds, to talk about the beginnings of the organization, environmentalism, human behavior, cult leaders, and the complexities of age.

Mainstreaming the Values of the Natural Building Movement

Massey Burke | Lore, Spring 2023, Straw | No Comments
As the world comes to understand that bio-based building materials are the most effective way to reduce carbon emissions in the built environment, Massey Burke argues that going mainstream doesn't have to mean selling out.

How We Respond When Nature Calls

Nicky Rhodes and Kelsey McWilliams | Community, Design | No Comments
A collaboration between Point of Shift, Stonehedge Holistic Learning Center, and the Lehigh Valley Natural Builders Guild, this piece by Nicky Rhodes and Kelsey McWilliam showcases a small composting toilet project allows for a community to reexamine the value of their waste.

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From Conspiracies to Colloquiums

Matt Anderson and The Last Straw | Community, Earth Buildings, Interviews, Lore | No Comments
Matt Anderson, the documentary filmmaker behind Whats A Colloquium, Fall and Winter, and much more, sat down with us to talk about conspiracy theorists, creative financing, what he’s learned from the natural building community and much more fun stuff.

Getting Loose With Lloyd Kahn

Lloyd Kahn and The Last Straw | Interviews, No. 73, Fall 2022 | No Comments
We sat down with Lloyd Kahn via zoom as he recounted his life's work of making things about making things.

What You’re Getting Wrong About Building

Cillian Barrett and The Last Straw | No. 73, Fall 2022 | No Comments
An introduction to the term "Resource Conscious Construction" by Cillian Barrett and The Last Straw

An Oral History of The Straw Building Revival with Matts Myhrman

Matts Myhrman and The Last Straw | Interviews, No. 72, Spring 2022 | No Comments
We sat down with the grandfather of the straw building resurgence, and one of the founders of The Last Straw, Matts Myhrman, to collect stories from back in the day and inspiration for the future!

Cultivating an Alternative Building Scene in Turkey with the Kolûba Collective

The Kolûba Collective | No. 72, Spring 2022 | No Comments
The Kolûba Collective is expanding alternative building practices in Turkey where the natural building revival has not taken root like it has in many other parts of the world.

The Palletable Cobin: natural, quick, and affordable pallet structures

Miguel Elliot | No. 72, Spring 2022 | No Comments
This easily replicable "Cobin" prototype is ready to spread to an urban area near you.

An Oral History of Better Building Codes with Martin Hammer

Martin Hammer and The Last Straw | No. 71, Winter 2022 | No Comments
We sat down with Martin Hammer to discuss his invaluable contributions to natural building and to the creation of natural building codes in the U.S.

Defend The Forest!

Anonymous | No. 71, Winter 2022 | No Comments
Climate activists work to preserve a section of forest in Atlanta from becoming a new police training center

The Strawtegi C02ttage

Susan Klinker | No. 71, Winter 2022 | No Comments
Susan Klinker breaks down the design and construction process of her C02ttage, which will be the first permitted chopped straw building in the US.

Plasters and Strawbale

Cedar Rose | Online Articles | No Comments
Most people choose straw bale for environmental considerations, wanting to be kinder to the earth and to themselves. Straw bales have low embodied energy; they're easy and fun to use, while being light on the earth; and they can help create a nurturing home environment. Earthen plasters share all of…

Moisture and Straw-Bale Walls

Mark Piepkorn | Online Articles | No Comments
Moisture is every bit the very real concern in straw-bale construction that it is in standard wood-frame construction, and many of the same considerations that need to be given to other super-insulation techniques need to also be given to straw-bale construction. A properly designed and constructed straw-bale house will last…

For the Love of Mud

Keely Meagen | Online Articles | No Comments
Mud is magic. Mud is fun. Mud can also be quarrelsome. Don't get me wrong, I love earth plasters. I want all new strawbale homes to be wearing them. They make the most beautiful walls I have ever seen. The colors are gorgeous and incredibly varied. The walls feel soft…

Straw-bale Codes, Testing, Research

Joyce Coppinger | Online Articles | No Comments
compiled by Joyce Coppinger, Andre de Bouter, Lars Keller, Chris Magwood, Mark Piepkorn and others