No. 72, Spring 2022


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Our spring issue is here! In this issue, you will:
build a cob community, eat wild blackberries,
get bit by the straw bale bug, rekindle a movement, and much more.
Digital downloads are available immediately and print issues will be available soon.
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Editors Note
Bingo Springo

City in the Forest
A Celebration of Forest Community

Building Alternatives
Cultivating an Alternative Building Scene in Turkey with the Kolûba Collective

Rethinking Waste
Plastering Classrooms with Tire and Bottle Substrate in Guatamala with Myles Danforth

The Palletable Cobin
Building Cob Structures with an Unhoused Community with Miguel Elliot

An Oral History of the Straw Building Revival
With one of the founding Last Straw Editors, Matts Myhrman

Experiments in Light Straw Construction
Making Walls of Straw and Bamboo in Bali

An Introduction to Adobe
The Basics on Building with Adobe

A Working Document of West Georgia Forages
A Poem about Finding Things Outside

Creature Comforts
Where do our Animal Friends Live?

Are You Looking for Something to Listen to?

Check This Out!
Further Reading and Interesting Information

Truth Window Tally