No. 71, Winter 2022


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Issue 71 is the thrilling return of The Last Straw with a new team at the helm.
In this issue you can build a natural tiny house, go to a national natural
building conference in the desert, build straw buildings in your backyard,
dance in the woods, meet new friends, and more!
Digital downloads are available immediately and  print issues will be available soon.
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Editors Note
The New Straw

The Chat Room
How Y’all Been?

The 2021 Rocky Mountain Natural Building Conference
A Four-part Adventure of Meeting Back in Person

Did It Fall Down?
New Looks at Old Projects, Featuring Janis Burger

The Natural Plasterers Retreat
Getting Together for the Craft with James Henderson

An Oral History of Better Building Codes
Behind the Scenes on Getting It Legalized Across the U.S.

How to Build a Thatch Roof
Just Add Combed Wheat Reeds

The Strawtegi CO2ttage
A Vision for Net Zero Carbon Living in the City with Susan Klinker

The Biophilic Tiny House: Part 1
Living Lightly on the Land and on the Road with Jeffery Hart

Defend the Forest!
Following the Campaign for the Atlanta Forest and All Forests

All Hands In
A Poem about Building Together

Nightstand Essentials
Are You Looking for a Book to Read?

Check This Out!

Truth Window Tally