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Theme: Then and Now – This issue includes updated versions of some previously
published articles to illustrate how things were Then and how they are Now.
A straw-bale builder’s rules of thumb…One woman’s view about
strawbale…Step-by-step instructions for building your own moisture
sensor… building small, comfortable, livable spaces… Forty helpful tips
for planning and organizing a bale wall raising… Key solar and
environmental design flaws to avoid… Mixing, masking, sifting, measuring,
and mudding tips from a pro… An update on the evolving world of strawbale
(what’s changed, stayed the same)… A mortgage-free, waste-free,
subsidy-free, work/live-at-home, low-price way of living (Friland in
Denmark)… Earthbag Structures in disaster and poverty-stricken areas…
Finishing bale walls with siding (rain screens)… Thatching with
cattails… Used Pool Liners as roof membranes… Waste Wood Columns:
Turning scrap into structure… Lessons of a Mixmaster (with recipes)…
Truth Windows, Mandalas and Straw Bales.

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