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Theme: Then and Now – How strawbale and natural building and those involved
in the straw-bale community have evolved over the years.


5. Strawbale DEtour – Then, Now and What Do We Do Next?

6. Still the Beating Heart of Straw-bale Construction

8. Build our house out of straw?

9. Self-reliant, Tenacious, Resourceful Active Women

10. Build Your Own Simple Bale Wall Moisture Sensor

11. Small Is What You Make Of It

13. Mini-manual for Great Straw-bale Wallraisings

15. Learning from Mistakes of the Past

18. Merry Mudders – Stucco Pumping Iron

20. Then and Now: What’s Changed, What’s Stayed the Same?

24. Friland – Then and Now

25. Earthbag Structures in Disaster and Poverty-stricken Areas

26. Loose Strings: Technical Discussions – Finishing bale walls with siding (rain screens)

Tech Tips: Thatching with Cattails; Closet considerations; Used pool liners as roof membranes; Waste wood columns; A Bit of History; Lessons of a Mixmaster (with recipes); Truth windows, mandalas, and straw bales

27. Product Review – Homasote

33. Book Review – Little House on a Small Planet


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