TLS 51 PDF – A Strawbale and Natural Building Sampler


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A Strawbale and Natural Building Sampler
Tractor Cob
Strawbale and Natural Building Well Suited to Hybrid Design and Construction
An Update of Straw-bale Construction Efforts in Mongolia
The Downland Gridshell Conservation Store and Work Shop
Australia’s Secret! 60-year-old Straw Houses
SB? Yes! But Differently
In Search of the Straw-bale Goddess
Can a Straw-bale Building be Moved? Apparently so
Lime and Straw: A Symbiotic Relationship
Jumbo Bale House at ballarat
Hop Family and Red Feather Foundation Build Straw-bale Home
A Tribute to Carol Escott
Straw-bale Construction Certification and Training
CASBA’s Pro Course II


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