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Elements of Design – Special Focus

Meeting Design Goals with Straw Bales
by Laura Bartels Struempler
Ways bales can improve design of structures

Design without Design
by Chris Magwood
Designing on the fly

Designing Small
by Jo Morandin
Living small, designing small

Permaculture Approach to Site Evaluation
Sharing Toby Hemenway’s design observations

Siting to Enhance Building Design
by Joyce Coppinger
Thinking through and questioning concepts

Checklist for Environmentally Responsible Design & Construction
From Environmental Building News (EBN)

Where to Draw the Line
by Chris Newton
Design considerations for hot, humid climates

Planning & Design Ideas
by Joyce Coppinger
List making as a tool in the design phase

Potential Savings from Alternative Construction Methods
by Owen Geiger
Insulated foundations, earthen floors, strawbale (of course), energy-efficient fixtures and appliances

More Cost Saving Ideas
by Joyce Coppinger
Interior space planning ideas to save labor and materials costs

Selection and Placement of Bath Fixtures
by Joyce Coppinger
Moving the fixtures to help remove moisture problems.

Walls, Halls and Stairs
by Joyce Coppinger
Design considerations to help reduce costs

What is…?
Defining sustainability, green building, natural building and appropriate technologies.
Tech Tips

Sun Mapping
by Chris Newton
Design link to help calculate sun’s angle any time, any where

Tips about Bales
by Joyce Coppinger
Find your bales before you begin the design phase

Another Way To Install Wiring
by Tony Caniglia
This method meets code in Colorado
Project Pages

Bale Preparation
by Tony Caniglia
Square up the bales to make them fit tight together

A Cozy Bale-Cob Cottage in Southern Indiana
by Christopher Reinhart
Design bonds bale and cob for labor savings and thermal gain

Strawbale Emergency Shelter Plans
by Owen Geiger
Plans, materials list and directions for small shelters

Winery at Mount Barker
by Chris Newton
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Regional Rumblings – Hands for Knowledge, Conference Reports, Workshop on Wheels, Sustainable Design Competition in North Dakota, and more.
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