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Myths and Realities – Special Focus

Dispelling rumors and untruths about strawbale.
Straw-bale building is cheap.
Straw-bale construction is only for owner/builders.
Straw-bale walls “breathe.”
Wet bales will always dry out.
Straw-bale building is easy.
Building departments will not approve bale buildings.
Straw-bale building is appropriate for every climate.
A candle oughta heat one of them straw-bale houses.
Cement plaster will make your walls rot.
You’ll never get a mortgage for a bale house.
Straw-bale building will save the world.

Moisture Discussion

A Moisture Case Study: What to do when your walls get wet.

New Product

Silicate Paint: A Straw-bale Solution
by Ben Polley
Silicate paints might be the straw-bale solution.

Tech Tips

Cutting Bales with a Portable Sawmill
by Chris Magwood
Applying lumber technology to straw bales.

Placing Electrical Boxes
by Chris Magwood
A simple way to secure electrical boxes.

Exterior Insulation with Straw Bales
by Karen Lendal and Flemming Abrahamsson
A mass wall and straw-bale solution.

Project Pages

Hop Hills Stable, Uxbridge, Ontario
by Tina Therrien and Peter Mack
A huge, round horse stable in straw.

Small School with a Big Vision
Eco-innovation for a new school in New Zealand.
New Sustainable Building Course to Feature Bale Building
by Chris Magwood
A commercial food bank is a natural building classroom.

Panel-built Classroom in Northern Arizona
by Matt Robinson
Prefab walls provide a cost-effective school solution.

Resource Guide 2005 Update

34-37 New and corrected entries, additional sources and information.

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TLS Reviews Earthbag Building, Green Building Products, Homes that Heal, Batir en Paille, Edifique con Fardos.
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