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Sustainable Systems – Special Focus

The Big Picture: Defining “Eco-Sensible” Design
by Sigi Koko
What kinds of systems make sense in bale buildings?

Annualized Geo-Solar: Heating Our Homes with Sunshine
by Don Stephens
Purely sunshine, stored in the earth.

Natural Ventilation: Let There Be Air, Fresh Air
by Joyce Coppinger
Strategies for non-mechanical air exchange

Renewable Energy: A Perfect Fit with Straw Bale
by Rachel Connor
Incorporating clean, renewables into bale homes.

Down the Drain: What About Waste Water?
by Chris Magwood
An overview of waste water treatment systems.

Building Green – Top 10 Green Building Products
by Environmental Building News

Project Pages

StrawHouse Market
by Derek Esposito
Commercial innovation in Montana.

Prefab Bale Homes Part of USDA Demonstration
by Brett KenCairn
A rural housing initiative finds federal funding.

Tech Tips

The Bale Screw: Keeping Things Tight
by Paul Lacinski
A secure attachment for bales in post-and-beam frames.

Casein Glue
by Frank Thomas
A natural, homemade and nontoxic gluing solution.

Training Opportunities

29 Hands for Knowledge Update
by Lars Keller and Jo Morandin
Building sites and courses for hands-on training

Regular Features

Regional Rumblings: Japanese Plasters at Canelo, International Developments.

TLS Reviews: Photovoltaics manual, SunStar booklets, Building Without Borders.

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