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Education & Training – Special Focus

Getting Trained in Strawbale and Natural Building
by Chris Magwood

A look at programs and facilities for learning.

Teaching Natural Building to Youth
by Chris Magwood
Lessons learned in the pre-teen trenches.

Strawbale Stuff

Financing Straw-bale Projects
by Andrew Morrison
How to get what you need from the banks.

Tricks of the Trade: Tree Planting Pouches
by Andrew McKay
A new tool for straw-bale builders.

Design & Instrumentation of an Experimental Building
by Dr. Kris J. Dick
A new straw-bale research facility is born.

The Rice Hull House
by Paul A. Olivier, Ph.D.
An overlooked natural insulation is tested.

A Summer of Gatherings

UK and Continent Tours Inspire and Amaze
by Joyce Coppinger – Nebraska, USA

Experiencing the ISBBC 2004 in Denmark
by Duncan Lithgow – Arhus, Denmark, and Chris Magwood – Ontario, Canada

ISBBC-04: The Next Generation
by Lars Keller and Jo Morandin, ISBBC-04 organizers – Friland, Denmark

Hands-on and Theory Sessions
The many and varied workshops and forums at the ISBBC-04

Natural Building Colloquium-East
by Mary Golden – New York, USA

1st European Natural Building Colloquium
by Max Vittrup Jensen – Hungary

Project Pages

Orofino Vineyards
by John and Virginia Weber

A BC winery goes strawbale.

Dignity Village
by Lydia Doleman
A straw-bale project for a homeless community.

Prefab Walls in Alberta
by Jason Whitfield
Pre-cast panels create an affordable, octagonal home.

Regular Features

Regional Rumblings
SB pioneer awarded, Mama Amelia progress.
TLS Reviews SB in Appalachia, Timber Framing and more.
Letters to the Editor Bubble foil wrap, loose straw, R-values and more.
TLS Subscription/Order Info & Roles in the Hay
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