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We Build It This Way – Special Focus

A Simple Top Plate for Load-bearing Walls
by Chris Magwood
Take the wiggle out of wiggly walls.

A Rubble Trench Foundation
by Chis Magwood

Simple Window Bucks and Sills
by Chis Magwood
Thick slab wood sheds the rain.

Three Bale Wall Connections
by Nathaniel Corum
The Red Feather approach to simple detailing.

Details for a Light Post-and-Beam System
by Martin Hammer
Low lumber usage and a SIP shed roof.

A Concrete Bond Beam Detail
by Marley Porter
Never mind wavy wood, this one – straight and true.

Straw-bale Research

Straw Bale and Moisture in the Pacific Northwest
by Candace Gossen
Positive results from extensive testing.

Research Projects in Austria
by Erwin Schwarzm&uumlautller
Forward movement for strawbale in Europe.

What’s Behind Those Damp Patches?
by Pat Marcotte
Some investigations behind the “winter wetness.”

Project Pages

Three Belgian Projects
by Steve Bydekerke

Building Vaults in the Netherlands
by Leontine Smedema

A California Mountain Home
by Bob Boys

Some Austrian Projects
by Erwin Schwarzmüller

Other Neat Stuff

Small, Simple and Sustainable: Learning from Squatters
by Dennis Fukai
Another way to approach sustainability.

Living With Straw in China
by Beth Yu
Over 150 bale homeowners in China report on their homes.

Regular Features

Regional Rumblings Freeway walls, ecovillages and coalitions.

TLS Reviews Building One House, Der Strohballenbau and more.

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