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NewsIt’s time for an update of things and to let you know what’s next here at TLS.

At the top of our agenda is completing our crowd-funding campaign successfully.  We have 7 days remaining and need a final push to get us to our goal.  We saw a huge round of support about 10 days ago and need to see one more just like it.  Please visit our campaign at and support the most in-depth coverage of natural building.

We are preparing Issue #63 due out in April.  You won’t want to miss this one so make sure you have a subscription to receive your copy at a discount and uninterrupted for the next year or two.

Nowhere else on the internet will you find the in-depth coverage of the natural building world.  It’s easy to find pictures and quick comments on Facebook or on various websites, but you won’t find “how-to” articles mixed with new systems and ancient techniques of building.  That’s what we do here!

Issue #63 will continue our look at Asian natural building with a focus on Japan.  There will be articles on Tadelakt, the ancient finishing technique from Morroco, and hemp-lime, a wall-building technique.   We will also have a focus on bale wall panel systems where people are experimenting, quite successfully, with prefabricating panels on small and very large projects.

Prior to the release of Issue #63 you will see the articles appearing here on the website as we complete our editing.  Some of these articles will be open to the public, but many of them will only be available to subscribers, so don’t miss out!

Finally, we now have our program, Ads for Articles up and running.  If you are a professional who would like to share your work and advertise your services or materials, take a look at the details and consider sending us something about your work.

We hope you enjoy what you are seeing at TLS and let us know if there is anything we are missing.  Thank you for visiting our website and supporting natural building.

Jeff Ruppert




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