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Click here for a free copy of TLS Issue #1

Click here for a free copy of TLS Issue #1

We have obtained an original copy of the first issue of The Last Straw from Fall of 1992.  That’s issue number ONE folks!

The title of the first article is called “To Russia- With Love” and includes a summary of the trip Matts Myrhman and Judy Knox took to Finland and Russia at the request of a New York businessman.

We have scanned a copy of the issue which we are releasing free of charge to the public.  Please click on the cover image to the right to download your copy of this historic issue.

At 16 pages long, it also includes a collection of quick notes from around the world related to bale construction, a guide to choosing good quality bales, a “Tap Root” section where Matts explores historic buildings, and an article called “Hard Knocks”, which explores mistakes and failures, a unique service of TLS through the years.

We hope you enjoy.  Please consider supporting us if you haven’t already.  A subscription, donation or simply sharing our content with your social network is much appreciated as we continue to bring you in-depth articles from the natural building world.

Issue #64 is in the works and will be out in July, which means content will be popping up periodically here on our website  as we complete our editing.  Keep coming back to check for new articles.

Bale on!

The TLS Team


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