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TLS#62_coverThe first TLS issue in three years has made it to press.  We are excited to announce our return to regular production.  You can now find your copy in our store in either PDF or print format.

Issue #62 is the first full-color issue of The Last Straw.  It is also full of the kind of content you have come to expect.  Issue #63 is due out in April, which means we will be publishing issues at the end of each quarter.  If you have a project or details of your work that you want to share, make sure to send us you articles soon!  In order to keep up with our schedule we need to receive a steady flow of stories from the field.

In this Issue:

  • Natural Building in Korea
  • Choosing Natural Hydraulic Lime Plasters
  • Straw Bales and Building Science
  • Permitting your bale building
  • Fueillette House
  • IRC Approval
  • German Fire Test

You can find the print version here and the PDF version here.

We hope you consider a subscription in order to receive each issue uninterrupted and at a discount.



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