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No. 63, Spring 2014

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No. 63, Spring 2014

Tribute to Judy Knox

Judy Knox was one of two founders of this publication back in 1993.  She passed away in late 2011.  This article is a tribute to her work and how she helped others realize the power of straw bale construction.
The Last Straw
April 22, 2014
No. 63, Spring 2014

Framing Bale Walls: How to

There are many different approaches to framing a straw bale house; however, there is one in particular that I have used on the vast majority of my projects over the years. It is a post and beam frame system with roots in conventional framing techniques. Because I came to straw…
Andrew Morrison
March 24, 2014
No. 63, Spring 2014

Tadelakt Lime Finishes

With the modern development of natural building technologies, there has been a resurgence and rediscovery of ancient and traditional methods of plasterwork.  For over 10,000 years, in nearly every culture, humans have used lime as an applied material that serves as both function and decoration.  From the frescoes of the…
Ryan Chivers
March 7, 2014

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