CASBA Rides Again!  Calling All Bicyclists for 2015 and Beyond

ClimateRiders2014Team CASBA was once again represented in the 2014 Climate Ride California.  Over the past two years CASBA riders have raised over $10,000 toward straw bale outreach and research, and the building code effort.  This year’s team increased awareness of straw’s ability to sequester carbon by performing Bob Theis’ ‘We Will Bale You’ during the Beneficiary Night presentations, eclipsing the other 24 powerpoint talks with a refreshing and unforgettable one.

The Climate Ride ( is held not only in California but also with NY-DC and Midwest Rides, plus a plan-your-own option.  Team CASBA invites riders of any experience level from around the world to join our team.  Contact David Arkin at [email protected] and/or visit our Climate Ride Team Page:

This is an excellent opportunity to meet wonderful and interesting people from all walks of life that share a passion for saving the planet in unique and creative ways.

Pictured are 2014 team riders Peter Brock, Ellie Arkin, Michael Jacob and CASBA Director David Arkin; our 2013 Riders included David along with Pete Gang, Karl Sporer, Ian MacLeod.

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