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Home-Made Hydraulic Lime

We like to share this is the type of information because the context of lime plaster is so broad and interesting.  It is important to keep in mind your goals when choosing materials.  The information below creates a connection between two areas of lime plaster that are very important to…
Jeff Ruppert
March 5, 2014
No. 57, March 2007

Finishing Bale Walls with Siding

A little known fact in the bale building realm is that a handful of people scattered across different continents have experimented with the idea of finishing their bale walls with wood or some type of manufactured siding. The technical term for siding over a bale wall assembly is a “rain…
Jeff Ruppert
August 29, 2013
No. 51, Fall 2005

Sill Pan Design Detail

Slope pan flashing to outside. Included in TLS #49 (Myths and Realities, Spring 2005) was a discussion of ways to deal with moisture at the bottom of windows. David Eisenberg shared a written design detail for a pan under the window to carry water away from rather than down the wall. We wanted to share…
Jeff Ruppert
July 31, 2012

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