balingfieldAs you know, The Last Straw is full of great articles from around the world focusing on stories in the field.  As a result, many of our articles are submitted by professionals, whether they be artisan plasterers, bale wall builders, engineers or material suppliers.  We understand that it takes time out of your busy schedule to write an article.  We want to trade for your work.  That is why we have created Ads for Articles.

We hope you take another moment of your valuable time to check this out.  We think you will find value here.

Ads for Articles is a trade between you and TLS.  In exchange for your article(s), we will compensate you by placing a graphical advertisement in our publication.  As of this initial offering we are still working out some of the minor details, which makes this the perfect time to try out the service because we are not going to be as strict in terms of ad placement or whether your ad is in our printed publication, on our website, or both.  We are going to be experimenting with what works best, and chances are you will get a lot of exposure to your target audience.

Ads for Articles is not a way to freely promote your organization (because we will have the final say on what gets printed), but it is an opportunity to share your work and advertise in our publication free of charge.

Ads for Articles works like this:

1. You submit an article at least 500 words in length for review by our editorial staff for inclusion on the website and/or in an upcoming publication.  We like pictures so make sure to include a few.  Oh, and all natural building topics are welcome, not just straw bale.

2.  We will respond by letting you know if it meets our criteria, which basically means it must possess value to our readership and not be a promotional piece.  The Last Straw reserve the right to refuse to print any submission.  At this point, we need to emphasize that the article is not the place to advertise your services.

3.  With a positive response that your work will be published you will be asked to submit a graphic advertisement or text for our classifieds section.

4.  Your advertisement will rotate on our website among other ads for three months and be published in an upcoming issue, to be determined by the TLS editorial staff.

This is a value worth hundreds of dollars in exchange for each story.  It’s that easy!!!

What are you waiting for?

See below for guidelines in terms of ad size and article length.

Bale on!

The TLS Staff