ISSUE No. 72

In our current issue issue you will: build a cob community, eat wild blackberries, get bit by the straw bale bug, rekindle a movement, and much more. Print is sold out but digital downloads last forever.

An Oral History of Better Building Codes with Martin Hammer

Back in November, we sat down with Martin Hammer to…
Back in November we sat down with Martin Hammer to discuss his invaluable contributions to the natural building codes is the U.S. This article is part interview, part narrative of some of Martin’s journey with building codes thus far.

Plasters and Strawbale

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Most people choose straw bale for environmental considerations, wanting to…

Moisture and Straw-Bale Walls

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Moisture is every bit the very real concern in straw-bale…

For the Love of Mud

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Mud is magic. Mud is fun. Mud can also be…

Straw-bale Codes, Testing, Research

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compiled by Joyce Coppinger, Andre de Bouter, Lars Keller, Chris…


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