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Straw Bale Construction Resources

By Jeff RuppertJanuary 1, 2022May 11th, 2022No Comments
Load Bearing Straw Bale Walls in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan Load Bearing Straw Bale Walls in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan
Being probably the most querried topic within natural building on the internet, straw bale construction has become what some people refer to as a ladder or bridge technology.  It is an easy path for people to follow and understand who are new to such a vast and under-utilized family of construction techniques and systems in this modern age.
Bale construction has been in-use for over a century and began in the plains of the untied States when they introduce the horse-powered baler to the region.  It made sense to use the products of this new machine to build structures since no other good resources were available.  But instead of walking you through all the details of bale construction, we want to help you find the answers and resources you are looking for.
If you are here it is because you want to learn about straw bale construction and probably all the related materials and systems in the world of natural building.  We have brought a host of resources onto one page to help make your life easier.
Associations, Guilds and Networks
Sources for Building Bales
Codes, Testing, Research – Visit
Education, Training Centers
TLS Human Resources List
Internet Resources
Straw-bale Books/CDs,/DVDs/Videos
If you leave the TLS website to follow a link above, we hope you return often to continue your research.

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