A deep dive into the organizational structure of Community Rebuilds (CR) written by one of our own at The Last Straw, Kenny Fallon Jr. We think there is a lot to learn from CR’s experience building and teaching, and hope this piece might provide a model that can be replicated in part or in full in other places. This piece is based on a combination of the author’s experience working at CR from 2019-2020 and talking to current staff and interns in early 2023.

In The Weeds with Emily Niehaus

The Last Straw | Interviews, Lore, No. 74, Straw, Straw Bale Construction | No Comments
We sat down with Emily Niehaus, the founder of Community Rebuilds, to talk about the beginnings of the organization, environmentalism, human behavior, cult leaders, and the complexities of age.

Mainstreaming the Values of the Natural Building Movement

Massey Burke | Lore, Spring 2023, Straw | No Comments
As the world comes to understand that bio-based building materials are the most effective way to reduce carbon emissions in the built environment, Massey Burke argues that going mainstream doesn't have to mean selling out.

How We Respond When Nature Calls

Nicky Rhodes and Kelsey McWilliams | Community, Design | No Comments
A collaboration between Point of Shift, Stonehedge Holistic Learning Center, and the Lehigh Valley Natural Builders Guild, this piece by Nicky Rhodes and Kelsey McWilliam showcases a small composting toilet project allows for a community to reexamine the value of their waste.

From Conspiracies to Colloquiums

Matt Anderson and The Last Straw | Community, Earth Buildings, Interviews, Lore | No Comments
Matt Anderson, the documentary filmmaker behind Whats A Colloquium, Fall and Winter, and much more, sat down with us to talk about conspiracy theorists, creative financing, what he’s learned from the natural building community and much more fun stuff.

Getting Loose With Lloyd Kahn

Lloyd Kahn and The Last Straw | Interviews, No. 73, Fall 2022 | No Comments
We sat down with Lloyd Kahn via zoom as he recounted his life's work of making things about making things.

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