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BEYOND THE BALE: A Deep Dive Into The Growing World of Prefabricated Straw Building

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The Opportunity in Crisis: An Interview with Ace McArleton

Ace McArleton and The Last Straw | Bales, Lore, No. 75, Prefabricated Panels, Products, Straw, Technical, Winter 2024 | No Comments
New Frameworks is a design/build firm in Essex Junction, Vermont, and one of two extant straw panel producers in the United States. Tyler Westerman spoke with Co-CEO and Director of Vision & Strategy, Ace McArleton, to learn about their move from bales to panels. The scope of their conversation soon…

Mainstreaming the Values of the Natural Building Movement

Massey Burke | Lore, Spring 2023, Straw | No Comments
As the world comes to understand that bio-based building materials are the most effective way to reduce carbon emissions in the built environment, Massey Burke argues that going mainstream doesn't have to mean selling out.