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This Is The Last Straw

It’s a platform to share and explore ideas of a better world through the lens of building methods and materials. In the face of climate crisis and increasing alienation from each other and the Earth, we believe another world is possible.


Our goals are to bring a critical perspective to conventional practice, imagine alternatives, and connect designers, builders, and dreamers. We offer both an uncomplicated introduction to alternative building, and a rigorous review of the latest developments. We learn from the past and present to help each other build a more autonomous future.
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How We Got Here

For over 25 years, The Last Straw was the only international journal dedicated to natural building and ecological design. It was started as a collective effort by straw bale builders Matts Myrhman and Judy Knox in Tuscon, Arizona in 1993. Since then twenty four editors, three publishers, and countless contributors have continued the long conversation about alternative ways of building and living. 


The magazine began during the natural building revival of the 90’s, but a publication like this is needed now more than ever. In the fall of 2020 a group of friends got together to bring new life to The Last Straw. Catch up on where The Last Straw has been and join us in imagining the world we want to live in!
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We’ve made some changes to the website as our old friends will clearly see, but we’ve kept all the original information intact in an archived version. We are working toward creating a more robust website and would love any feedback or ideas for how to make this website more useful! You can reach us at our social media links below or email us at [email protected] We’re happy you’re here!